Digital display walking measuring wheel

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Digital Display measuring wheel is also known as measure wheel.

There are mechanical and digital display measuring wheel. It is designed for outdoor distance measurement. 



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Digital Display measuring wheel is also known as measure wheel. 

There are mechanical and digital display measuring wheelIis designed for outdoor distance measurementused for a variety of ground conditions, including hills, meadows, and rugged construction sites and so on. 




Measuring wheel Features


2.Flexible and durable.

3.Light weight, retractable handle, easy to carry.

4.large digital display screen, backlight system shows datas clearly and accurate.

5.With starting point arrow and kickstand supports forward count, back decrease.

6. OEM is welcomed


SDS-318 digital big wheel




 Max measuring range  99999.9m/ft
 Wheel Diameter  318 mm /12.5inch
 Circle Range  1000mm
 Accuracy  ±0.5%
 Display Resolution  0.1m /0.3ft
 Batteries  1.5V*2( AAA batteries ,Not included)
 Expansion Length  1000mm Retracted Length:770mm
 Material  Plastic and Aluminum
 G.W.  1.7kg/piece
 Package  Oxford bag
 Package Dimensions  78*33*12.7cm
 Working Temperature  -10℃~45℃

SDS-JS320 Double folding mechanical big wheel measuring wheel

SDS-J323 Hot selling premium quality mechanical big wheel measuring wheel

SDS-160 Digital small wheel measuring wheel


SDS-J159 Mechanical small wheel measuring wheel




1. Operate it according to the instructions before work, set the counter to zero 

2. Keep straight to ensure the accuracy of measurement when measuring straight line.

3. Jagged surface will reduce the accuracy of measurement.

4. Don’t work in the rain for a long time

5. Don’t work in the environment of high temperature for a long time. 

6. Do not use the instrument as children toys, avoid unnecessary damage.



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