High voltage telescopic hot stick

Short Description:

Made of epoxy resin and high quality fiber glass, with good insulation performance, is applied in the electric power distribution industry to protect electric utility workers from electric shock. Depending on the tool attached to the end of the hot stick, it is possible to test for voltage, tighten nuts and bolts, apply tie wires, open and close switches, replace fuses, lay insulating sleeves on wires, and perform various other tasks while not exposing the crew to a large risk of electric shock.

Product Detail

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Material: epoxy resin, high quality fiber glass

Progress: Rolling or pultrusion

Length: 3m-10m or customized

Sections: optional

Withstand voltage: 10kv-500kv

Surface: Smooth and no scratch

Styles: round, oval or triangle

Fitting ends: diverse and customized

Joint styles: screw joint, rotary joint, button joint, or lock joint.

Bag: nylon

Package: carton





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