Multi-funcation Ratchet Wire Puller with hooks

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1.This ratchet puller can be used for a wide variety of applications like lifting and tightening electric power line, telephone line works, construction, farm and general purposes.
2.This ratchet puller is simple to use, simply attach the load to be moved on the lower hook and then move the lever up and down to wind the wire rope to the desired height.
3.Equipped with automatic mechanical brake and changeable pawl.
4.Easily filed repairable and inexpensive to maintain.
5. Solid ductile and malleable iron construction.

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1. When using, first loosen the wire rope or galvanized iron wire on the wire tightener and fix it on the cross arm.
2. Clamp the wire with a clamp and then pull the special wrench to gradually wind the wire rope or galvanized iron  wire due to the anti-reverse action of the pawl.On the ratchet roller, tighten the wire and fix the tightened wire on the insulator.
3. Then loosen the pawl to loosen the wire rope or galvanized iron wire, and loosen the wire clamp.
4. Finally, wind the wire rope or galvanized iron wire around the roller of the ratchet.


Model Safe load/KN Wire rope/MM N.W/KGS
JXRS-05 5 5*1200 2.6
JXRS-10 10 5*2200 3.2
JXRS-15 15 6*2200 4.0
JXRS-20 20 6*2200 4.3
JXRS-30 30 6*2200 6.2






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