About FRP Duct Rodder

About FRP Duct Rodder
About FRP Duct Rodder

Product Description
Duct rodder is an auxiliary tool applied in towing lead-rope through a pipe. The rod surface is hard, smooth and wearable, so it can get through the narrow pipe or channel easily. The inner core of the rod is made of alkali free fiberglass and high quality UPR. It is widely used for the cables works or cleaning in cable pipe or channels.


1.Fiber glass rod inner: Extruded process made of E-fiberglass and high quality UPR at high temperature.
2.Fiber glass rod outer: developed composite materials.
3.Assembly: metal frame sprayed paint; rubber wheels assembly for easy transportation; Guide rollers for rotary coupling; parking brake for the flexible rod control.
4.Copper wire inside is optional, which is for tracing easily or other professional usage.
5.Rolling bearing cage (wheel transport) for mobility will be light and easy to use.
6.Feed device allows rod to feed out or be back with easy push or pull of rod
7.Rustproof bull-nose pulling eye and accessories.

FRP rod

1.Light weight, durable, good resistance to chemical and corrosion.
2.High tensile strength and bending properties to make it go through narrow pipes easily.
3.good temperatures adaptability, it will not soften in hot weather nor become brittle in cold weather, its usability will not be affected by temperature
4.Rod jacket: developed composite materials, hard, smooth and wear-resistant.
5.meter marks: available
6.Rod colors: yellow, other colors are optional
7.Rod Length (m): 1-500m
8.Rod Diameter: 4mm-16mm, any measurement

Frame and reel

1.Equipped with brake device, the rotating or stopping of the rod can be easily realized just by turning hand.
2.Tilting type handle, convenient for pushing and pulling.
3.Guide roller and fixed ring: fix the rod end; protect the rod jacket from being scratched.
4.Frame color: black, other colors are available.
5.Frame Spec. and length tolerance

About FRP Duct Rodder

Technical data

About FRP Duct Rodder

About FRP Duct Rodder
Quality assurance

1. The rod is made of resin and fiberglass. There are big differences made by good and inferior material. The rod made of bad material is broken easily, it cannot be used for long time, and even it gets cracked on the cage before use. We only produce the goods with good material.
2. The cage we made with thickened metal. To keep the frame wheel moving lightly and easily, even the smallest cage was fixed good bearing. Brake handle is designed with chromed handle and Bakelite fitting.
3. The rubber wheel is big and strong. The diameter is 22cm.
4.Package: By plastic woven, carton, crates, or customized.
5. Professional export team, many years’ exports experiences ensures you with best services.
6.Sold to more than 60 countries, got good reputation. When you inquire, please advise the rod diameter, length and quantity.

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