High voltage earthing rod with earthing wire

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High voltage portable earth rod  is used for electricity construction or substation, to prevent electric shock and ensure safety.    

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High voltage portable earth rod is a device that the power industry needs to connect after the equipment or line is powered off to prevent accidental calls to personnel or equipment.



High voltage portable earth rod, suitable for the sites below:

1. The line over hauls indoor.

2.  Distribution lines and systems

3. Transmission lines and systems

4. Substation High voltage portable earth rod, suitable for the sites below:

5. Underground systems

6. Industrial circuits and systems


1.The operating hook is made of wrought aluminum and copper and has strong electrical conductivity

2.Light weight epoxy resin for operating rods high strength
3.Wire made of pure copper
4.line clothing using soft PVC, soft wear-resistant antifreeze

5.Easy to use and carry

Reference data

Withstand voltage: 10kv-500kv Rod: φ30mm,normally 3-4 pieces; each length is optional. Cooper wire’s cross section area:  16mm² / 25 mm² / 35mm² /50 mm² /70 mm²; Earthing clamp’s material: Aluminum or cooper   

Earthing rod Epoxy, with good insulation performance; normally 3-4pieces; the length is optional.
Cooper wire’s cross section area 16mm2/25mm2/35mm2/50mm2/70mm2; customized
Earthing clamp’s material Aluminum or cooper


Ground cable size Recommended length of cable Length of ground stick Nomber of ground stick
16mm2 3*1.5m+8m 0.5m 3 rods
25mm2 3*1.5m+10m 1.0m 3 rods
35mm2 3*1.5m+10m 1.5m 3 rods
35mm2 3*2m+12m 2.0m 3 rods
50mm2 3*2m+15m 3.0m 3 rods


1. Anti-moisture. Nice looking.

2.  Epoxy rod with light weight and high strength

3. Easy Maintenance; easy operation, flexibly structured

4.Good insulation performance



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