Concrete Pole Climber Climbing Grapplers

Short Description:

The concrete pole climbers is made of high strength seamless steel tubes.

After heat treatment process, the product is with the property of light weight, high strength and good toughness, good adjustable, light and flexible, Safe and reliable, easy to carry. It is an ideal tool for electricians to climb cement poles of different specifications.




Product Detail

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1.Stable and Reliable
3.High Strength
4.Good Toughness
5.Good Adjustability
6.Convenient and Flexible
7.Safe and Reliable
8.Convenient to Carry


Pole Climber is applied to power construction.It is used for climbing operation.It is a safe and good life partner for the electric master to climb


Model Type Max Open Height Weight (KG)
T-250 250 6-8m Pole 3.1
T-300 300 8-10m Pole 3.2
T-350 350 10-12m Pole 3.45
T-400 400 12-15m Pole 3.55
T-450 450 15-18m Pole 3.75
T-500 500 18-21m Pole 4
T-550 550 21-24m Pole 4.1
T-600 600 24-27m Pole 4.3

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