High Strength Cable Pulling Socks

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Cable pulling socks are mesh tubes that are placed over cable so it can be pulled through long runs of conduit and trenches. Also known as cable socks, the mesh is secured around the cable with clamps or tape, and the rings or eyes at the end of the grip are pulled to tighten it around the cable. The eyes or rings are also used to connect the cable to pulling winches to bring it through the conduit.

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High Strength Cable Pulling Socks


1, Telecom cable

2, Fiber cable

3,Coaxial cable

4, Feeder cable

5, Hybrid cable

6, Corrugated cable

7, Smooth cable

8, Braid cable


It is knitted by joint capital steel wire .

It has good softness.

It is easy to extend and contract.

For high strength cable, ground wires and synthetic ropes

Weave galvanized steel mesh


1.good softness

2.easy to extend and contract

3.Material:steel wire

4.High quality


specification length Weight(kg)

For cable

8-16 0.6m 0.2
16-25 1.1m 0.4
25-50 1.3m 0.65
70-95 1.5m 0.86
120-150 1.9m 1.3
185-240 2.3m 1.8
300-400 2.8m 3.15
500-630 2.8m 3.5

For wire

25-70 1.5m 0.3
95-150 1.5m 0.4
150-240 1.9m 0.6
300-400 2.2m 0.85





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